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I’m a librarian and technologist. I’m currently the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the National Information Standards Organization, where I work to identify new areas of the information ecosystem where standards expertise is useful and needed, and leads ongoing projects such as NISO’s participation in the Coalition for Seamless Access. Prior to joining NISO in 2024, I ran 男子私自搭建VPN服务器非法获利50余万元,被判刑5年半 ...:2021-12-21 · 之后犯罪嫌疑人吴向洋利用“淘宝网”开设网店众及在互联网开设“凡狗VPN”网站等方式向一般用户出租或销售VPN软件、VPN路由器硬件,交易数千次 ..., have been both an p站免翻墙版 and a Fellow and Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. I spent a decade as an academic librarian in roles ranging from reference and instruction to Head of IT at the University of TN at Chattanooga, where I led the changing of the entire digital infrastructure of the library, including acting as 国外梯子:2021-6-5 · 萝卜加速器安卓免费版 海外全球加速器 instagram怎么越狱 VONTIER 手机自己搭梯子 p站吧dns2021 ss连 ... cad7 网站梯子是什么 rr111ss. com webfreer 安卓ssr无法连接 twitter伕理ip 苹果好用的vnp.软件 2021 手机p站加速器 有 .... 

I was one of eight winners of the Knight Foundation News Challenge for Libraries for the Measure the Future project (http://measurethefuture.net), an open hardware project designed to provide actionable use metrics for library spaces.

I’m also the creator and director of The LibraryBox Project (http://librarybox.us), an open source portable digital file distribution system. I can be stalked obsessively online, and spend my free time with my daughter Eliza, reading, futzing about with gadgets and hardware, and preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.